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Program Help (Remotelinc/Elk)


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I have a remotelinc mounted to the wall in the garage and it's set as 4 scene. I would like to use the bottom buttons (G-H) to arm the alarm or lock the kwikset zwave deadbolt. I suppose I could change it to 8 scene toggle if needed. Basically I would like to press G and have the deadbolt lock or press H and have the door lock and the Elk arm.


I can't seem to come up with a program to work since if H is pressed it would lock the door and arm the alarm then if I unarm the alarm and unlock the door using an access code then later press H the status wont really change to trigger lcoking the door and arming the alarm.. I'm kinda stuck. Maybe it's possible with variables so how. :?:


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! :mrgreen:

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I am confused. What do you want to happen if you press button G (arm the alarm)? What do you want to happen if you press button H (lock the door)?


Since this is in four-scene mode, pressing button G will send an OFF command, correct? Pressing button H will send an ON command, correct? I don't believe remotes have a "status", so pressing button G twice will send two OFF commands, and pressing button H twice will send two ON commands.


What is wrong with a program like:



control button GH is set off

and control button GH is not set on


arm the alarm


lock door

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