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On-Level, Scenes vs Local


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In all the years I've been using Insteon I've never played with scenes and on-levels until now. Everything has been strictly on & off. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or there's a bug in the ISY. First, I'm on 4.2.2, both f/w & UI.


I have a light as a load to a KPL v.39. I have it as part of a scene, shown below.








What I expect to happen is when I press the button on the KPL the light comes on to 100%, no/little ramp and when I turn the scene on the light comes on to 20% along with the other lamps at 50%.


What actually happens is, if I turn the scene on everything is as expected. Turn the scene off and push the button on the KPL the light comes on to 20% instead of 100%. It's looks like when the scene is turned on the KPL remembers the last ON level and ignores the local level. If I do a FAST ON to the KPL by a double press the light comes on 100%. Subsequent button pushes turns the light on to 100% but as soon as I turn the scene on then button presses revert to turning on to 20%.


I have worked around this by writing a small program to turn the light on to 100% when the button is pushed but I don't think this should be necessary, right?


Am I missing something or doing something wrong?



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The KeypadLinc has two modes of operation regarding the Local On Level.


View the KeypadLinc User Guide and search for "Resume Bright". In this mode the KeypadLinc remembers the last On Level (as established by the Scene in this case) and returns to that On Level. The User Guide describes how to change the way the KeypadLinc responds.

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