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3 Way Switch Configuration On Level & Second Press


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I have the following configuration:

- 2 SwitchLinc Dimmers wired in a 3 way configuration to control 8 recessed lights

- Switch 1 - Controls Load

- I have a scene with both switches added as controllers of the scene

- Both switches have the on level set to 50%


Both switches are operating the lights as expected on the first press.....the first press turns the lights on at 50%.  However, on switch 2, when I press it a second time, the lights don't increase to 100%, but the led indicator does go to 100%.  Switch 1 is working as expected - press once for 50%, press again for 100%.


Any ideas?



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That's normal behavior for a secondary switch. That's because the second tap on Insteon switches affects only the local load, but that switch does not have a local load. The solutions are to hold the top paddle or to double-tap the top.


Although that behavior is not ideal, consider that in any multi-way configuration using standard 3-way for two locations and 4-way switches for more that two locations, only one switch can even be a dimmer.

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Additionally, you can add a program to resolve this for you:

   Status 'Switchlinc-W/Load' Is Not Off
   And Control 'Secondary-Switchlinc' is switched On

   Set 'Switchlinc-W/Load' 100%


Hope this helps.



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