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LampLinc module question


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This is not exactly ISY question but maybe somebody could help.

I am not sure if I could use LampLinc module to adjust outdoor light low voltage transformer input voltage and thus brightness of 12V outdoor lights. I would like to program with ISY "life ligth scenes" using 4 transformers 200W connected thru LampLincs.


Thanks for the help Walter

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Most time it is a bad idea to try and dim transformer run low voltage lighting. Unless the lights specifications say they can be dimmed.

An ApplianceLinc V2 would be better and I have found the new hardware version 4.1 can control my cranky loads the older version 1.3 could not. Without sputters and things.

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I currently have my low voltage lights working with a lamplinc.

The only issue that you may be faced with is: on long ramp rates, the lamplinc module is placed under a lot of stress and my fail. I know this from personal experience.

I only allow my low voltage lamps to come on to 80% and lower them down to 25% for late nights.

The beauty of using the lamplinc, is that I have not had any issues with burning out my low voltage bulbs .... I would burn out bulbs all of the time ... but the soft start using a lamplinc prevents bulb burn out.

If you are using a large load, you may want ot upgrade to the higher wattage Lamplinc.

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