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Z Wave Configuration Parameters


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I am trying to figure out a way to get state information from my 2GIG control panel to the ISY.  They both see a Z Wave water sensor but I do not yet see how to get the ISY to "read" the other RF-based sensors on the 2GIG.  


One of the things I see when I right click either of the Z Wave devices on the ISY list is an option to "Set Configuration Parameters."  This gives me a pop up where I can Query or Set parameters.  Is there documentation somewhere explaining what this is and what it does?


Thanks to all.  I've not posted anything on these forums but have greatly benefitted from everyone who has. Merry Christmas

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Hey there,


Not sure about your specific question, but with Z-Wave devices some of them are configured with configuration parameters, so unlike Insteon things where you select a motion sensor, click Options, and can change things like sensitivity level from 0 to 100 type thing, Z-Wave usually has you do it with configuration parameters for more advanced things.  So in the manual for each device you have, it will list them.  Like it might say "Parameter 6 - Motion Sensor Range from 0-100, with 0 being small range, 100 being the max range."  So that means you would right click and pick that configuration parameters option, enter 6 for the parameter, and then your 0-100 as the value type thing.  Some devices don't support changes at all, like my Linear wall switches have no options, and then my door lock has a bunch on it, so all depends but usually that's where things are changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit, config options like that.  They are not standard, you have to check the manual for each device as each manufacturer does things differently, and some won't release the codes either.

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