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KPL 2334 question


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I had old kpl, and when the lights were on, there used to be dim backlight to show the names/buttons of the pad, and when turned on, button used to get brighter to indicate its on. I changed to 2334 and its totally dark / off if the lights are off. hard to tell in dark if there is a KPL and the switches. was this on purpose? anyway to turn on dim backlight ? is my KPL defective? 

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I have not checked the newest versions, but all mine have the ability to configure backlighting. I would first check on the admin panel. Choose the device in question. Along the bottom of the main window should be options or settings or something. In there I expect to find backlight level settings. Adjust those to your liking.


If not, check the keypad user manual for method to make those adjustments.

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