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Need help on ISY programs being updated on Insteon devices


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I am a newbie to ISY994i and Insteon.  I have used X-10 devices for the past 10+ years, but I got tired of them not working, signals not getting across phases, etc.  So I got my 994i and Insteon devices before Christmas.  I wrote my first program to control a scene which turned on/off 9 Insteon devices (a Christmas light scene).  And it all worked quite well.  I am impressed with how well and reliably Insteon works in my home.  I am using a 2nd PLM to bridge phases.


The problem is a question on ISY programming.  I am not sure how the 994i updates all the Insteon devices when you create a new program, scene, etc. (or you modify an existing one).  What I mean is, does the 994i send the changes automatically, or do I have to click some option on the Admin Console that will make ISY update all information on the Insteon devices?


Thanks for your help. 


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When you create a scene, the ISY creates the links on the devices and also keeps a record of those links. You can unplug the ISY and the scenes will continue to function. Programs are stored exclusively within the ISY memory. It's a good idea to make an occasional back-up. Both scenes and programs are backed up.

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When you say "the ISY creates the links on the devices," is that done automatically or do I have to manually do something in the Admin Console to make that happen (check a box, click something)?  Or, maybe the links are written to devices immediately after I Save the Program or Scene? 

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There is, indeed, a little toggle button among that top row of icons, one for most devices, and another for battery devices.  If they are green, then the ISY will immediately create all links.  If they are gray, then the ISY will wait until you click on these to write updates to devices.


As an aside, creating a program will create no new links.  All links are created via scenes.

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I am sorry, but I don't see green or gray icons for making ISY write updates to devices like you describe. I attached a screen capture of what my admin console looks like. By the way, I am using 994i, not 994i-Pro, if that makes a difference. Can you elaborate further where the icon to write updates is located relative to my screen capture?


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Thanks LeeG.  Now I see what is going on.  For the non-pro version of ISY (what I have), these two icons are not displayed.  When I right click on a device, I do see "Write Updates to Device." 

So, one last question for non-Pro ISY:  Is there a way to tell ISY to update ALL devices with just one click (i.e., rather than right clicking each device separately)?

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It is normal for the ISY to write updates when changes are made.  If something prevents all updates from being written (usually a comm issue) the update is queued and a Green Icon placed to the left of the node.  Multiple nodes could have queued updates.  When one device is told to update I think the ISY will try to finish anything queued.  I have always used a Pro so not sure about this.  There is no specific option to drive updates to All devices.  


Note that battery powered devices have to be updated one at a time.  There is a new capability in 4.2.21 to update Motion Sensors under Program control which may work on other battery devices but this has to be determined.

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