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I am brand new to insteon. I just bought and installed a 994pro ir. I have the insteon 2413s plm. I also have a leak detector.


I try to find (link, I think is the terminology) my leak detector and it never appears. I am only about 15 feet away.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the forum.


The Leak Sensor is a battery powered device. Battery powered devices go to sleep when not broadcasting, for example, a leak, in order to conserve the battery. Put the Leak Sensor in linking mode before adding it. Better yet, click on Link Management.

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Leak Sensor always has to be added manually, by Link Management > New INSTEON Device.  Then type in the address for it, just give it any name, and can leave it at Auto Discover.  Put it in linking mode by holding it down for 5 seconds on the sensor and press Ok on the ISY.  Always works for me that way.

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