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Hi   Apparently my PLM has died.  I have a new one coming.  I am using a ISY 994i pro and was wondering what is the proper procedure for replacing it?  Do I need to delete the old one even though it has died? 


Thanks for any advise you can give me.


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Thanks LeeG,  I appreciate your help.  The new PLM was ordered today so it will be a few days before and can replace it.  It sounds like the PLM failure is common, I have read reviews on the Smarthome site.  I guess I was lucky as mine has lasted close to 3 years.


Thanks Steve

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Hi  Ok I have my new PLM.  I followed the instructions for restoring the PLM.  It has been going for over an hour.  There are all the green write squares and one that is writing (which and been writing for 40 minutes)  There was a BUSY square with the progress on it.  it has since finished.  however the green squares and the Writing square are still there.  I have never done this before and am not sure how long the process is. I have a access point that as been blinking but most of the appliance module are not.


Any advice??

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Let it run to completion.   Every link record in every device that is a Controller or Responder of the PLM has to be changed to the new PLM address.  All but the newest I2CS devices have the link records modified one byte at a time.  Progress can be observed as the Green 1011 Icons disappear as the updates are completed. 

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Thanks LeeG,  it never finished on the screen.  I closed the program.  When I reopened the Admin C and everything worked and shows current status   So I don't know if it was my laptop that was stuck or what.  But all is good.


Thanks again

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