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2441th and 2441zth use for dual room thermostat control


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I have been searching the forum but cannot seem to find the recommended way to control a two room thermostat setup.  What I am looking for is a way to control one room's temperature during the day and another during the night - from the same HVAC (full house).  I have two thermostats (2441TH in the one room controlling the HVAC and 2441ZTH in the other -ZTH is 5V powered - not battery). My idea was to use the 2441ZTH's temperature in an ISY program to control the setpoint of the 2441th - during the time where the ZTH is used to set temperature. 


However, it seems difficult due to the 2441ZTH implementation.  it seems it only updates control on temperature changes and often needing multiple degree changes - even when on 5V supply.


What is the best way ? - I wonder if it is better to have the ZTH as master and use 2441th to control setpoints during the time where TH is controlling (or is that also an issue of sending commands to the ZTH to change setupints)? 


I do not see a way to switch master on/off on ZTH fromthe ISY


In general, what is the best way to acheive my goal when using two thermostats ?

Any recommendations?


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The ISY has limited control of Insteon thermostats. The best only way to accomplish what you want is to manually set the thermostat of choice to be the master. Even the thermostat itself does not allow choosing one or the other. You must manually press the button on the thermostat on the specific thermostat that you want to be the master.

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Are there better thermostats to use with the ISY994 - that will support remote sensing - I only have a single HVAC control point, but want to control the temp from different rooms (one at a time)

Longer term I may want to try to control airflow, but that is the second step



My thinking was that I can emulate the thermostat behavior in one of the two modes in the ISY 

e.g.  in simplistic way when remote is control its room temperature - I do not really care about the temp in the other room when remote is controlling

(if not in control the main runs as normal thermostat as the two thermostats are not linked ):



if temp.remote is "too low"


setpoint.main =+1



if temp.remote is "too high"


setpoint.main =-1


The alternative is to make the remote master and sense temp with an main the sensing node.  The issue here is updating the remote setpoint. - Not sure how reliable that will be from the ISY


Any other suggestions - or alternative thermostats to consider.  

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