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What is the difference between Toggle non toggle on mini remote?


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The 8-scene Mini Remote has two modes, toggle where each tap alternates between On and Off and non-toggle On where each tap sends an On. An Off signal is never sent in non-toggle On mode. You can accomplish what you want using two programs, on for On and one for Fast On.

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The garage door operators are triggered by an On signal to open or close the garage doors. In fact, most garage door remotes have only one button, press to open, press to close. The driveway gate motor operates in the same way. The walkway gate uses an electric lock and buzzer which is also controlled by an on-only signal, just like a doorbell push button. So, in each case, off doesn't do anything.


Moving away from the Mini Remote, Keypad buttons have the options of Toggle, non-Toggle On and non-Toggle Off.


I use some Keypad buttons non-Toggle On for the same gates and doors and use non-Toggle Off to turn lights off only. For example, I have a button in the bedroom that turns off all interior lights except those in the bedroom. I do not have a need to turn those lights all on at once.

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