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Questions about freezer sonsors


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Can you set which temperature you want it to alert you?


You can not adjust the temperature of the sensor but you can certainly create a program with a temperature range you feel is safe. You can use this excellent small program offered by Xathros to assist you in this effort located here: http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/15547-setup-questions/


I use this elegant program to allow me to see the dynamic temperature changes as well as the last high / low temperatures in various parts of the home and infrastructure. I am in the process of using this program to track, monitor, and react to energy demands and consumption targets.


Along with using them for fail safe items to protect the home and its occupants which encompass HVAC, Electrical, Water, Gas, Fire / Smoke, and force protection elements.


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But without that program what is the default temp of the sensor?  When does the alarm go off


Since its for a freezer I would gather its operating range would be 5 - 32'F (-15 - 0'C). They used to have a listed spec when it would trip but its since been removed.


I would do a Google search or reach out to the vendor to find out the exact trip range. Once you know what it is you most certainly want to test it to ensure it does operate as expected. Once that is known you can follow the program from Xathros and all should be good.


I have spent most of the afternoon creating energy, temperature, and force protection programs taking advantage of this excellent program.


Let us know what you find out as I am sure this information will help out someone else down the road.

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You know what I was under the impression this device acted like a 1 wire sensor in that you could see the actual temperature values?


When in fact this device simply open / closes its contact once a preset temperature has been met. Thus causing the I/O linc to trip and activate in your Insteon network.


If this is the case the program above will not help you directly in terms of monitoring the temp. But, perhaps inform you the current state of the sensor of either open / close.


My humble apologies in not reading the spec and being caught up with my own little world of monitoring!

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So is this still a good product? Reliable?

I can't offer any feedback since I don't own one. So either you trust the user reviews and gamble and try it out.


Or consider other temperature monitoring solutions. Since you can't actually see and know the ambient temperature you need to trust the preset trip level is adequate.


I personally would want to be able to see and monitor that value and also not rely on power line as a key method for monitoring.



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