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Difference between Insteon keypad dimmer and keypadlinc?


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The Keypad Dimmer is a later device which may have some feature differences such as Beep, etc.  Not saying Beep is different, would need to compare the advertised features of both.  The underlying function of a KeypadLinc and Keypad Dimmer are the same.  SmartLabs changes the name of devices rather frequently lately.


There is a 6 and 8 button Keypad Dimmer, just as there is a 6 and 8 button KeypadLinc

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The 2334 is for dimmable loads only. The dimmer is available in both 6- ans 8-button configurations. The 2487S is for non-dimmable loads or in situations where you don't want dimming, for example, exterior flood lights. The 2487S can be reconfigured to be an 8-button device.

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