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Has anyone here, had success with making keypad linc buttons?


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I printed my own as well. I don't think they look quite as nice as the custom etched buttons can but at least all of mine are the same color.

And, yes, you can still do it this way.





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Or print button labels on Avery clear labels, I don't remember the font off hand. Remove the print from the buttons included with the Kpl using nail polish remover. Tape the label to the button. Cover with scotch tape to protect it.

I only did this for two buttons until my custom buttons arrived, which did not match well. My "ghetto buttons" looked better because of the color match so I may switch back.

There is a recent thread where someone used photo paper for their button inserts.


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I bought one of those label makers from walmart for like 10 bucks.


They sell a clear roll (plastic) and the smallest font using two lines worked perfectly for so many of my KPLs. The clear tape blends in well enough that the buttons look custom. The tape does not come off easily at all either. And as someone mentioned above, just rub it for a few moments with a Qtip and nail polish remover to get the original markings off.

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I bought a fairly expensive label maker and I found that the nail polish remover worked great and with patients, my labels look very good. Just a warning, when putting labels on the 8 button mini remote, do not attempt to use nail polish remover as it ruins the finish and eats the plastic. Instead of clear labels for the remote, I used white labels.

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