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Z-wave dimmer switch and micro dimmer on same circuit


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Hello all.


My question pertains to my wife's desire to have local dimming ability in conjunction with my desire to have remote and scene control over said circuit. WAF will ultimately win here, but why could I not install an Aeotek (or other) z-wave micro dimmer relay switch onto an Insteon (or Cooper or Leviton) z-wave dimmer switch? This would, in my mind anyway, give remote control and have local dimming ability for the Mrs.

The only possible problem I can see would possibly be interruption of the scene by the manual override, which really doesn't bother me.

Any thoughts or comments are much appreciated.



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¿"z-wave micro dimmer relay switch"?


A switch is either a dimmer or a relay, not both. I don't know what you mean by wiring a switch "onto" another switch. Other than that,  you can have several devices on the same circuit, a circuit being everything powered/protected by the same circuit breaker.

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Any Insteon dimmer or Zwave Dimmer will offer both local dimming capability and remote control.  No need to add any additional devices with either one.


Adding a micro relay to a manual dimmer switch will get remote on/off and local dimming only.  Why not have on/off/dim local AND remote?



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