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GE Jasco Iris Lowes Zwave Switchs and Dimmers


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So I like the look of the GE/Jasco GE Jasco Iris switches at Lowes. The old versions in the Bubble pack are on sale for $36.50 (10% off if you buy 4 or more) and you can buy a %10 off from e-bay and then get them down to like $32.50 each...

So I bought 16 of them to do all the dimmers in the house.


I say "old version" because these have a standard size square LED on them, and the "new version" has a hold that just seems smaller, and is 1/10th the size. The new version are in Green boxes, not the bubble packs.


The Evolve have a Clear Air Gap switch, so I sent all 16 of those back to Amazon....since I had GE Jasco already.


They work well, 3 way, 3 way dimmer, dimmer, and switch.


My biggest question, is can you DISABLE the LED completly? I would really like this for the Wall Plugs, since it is a full size (round) blue LED and in the bedroom, it is bright....

I can't find a parmeter that disables the led completly, anyone have a solution, outside of putting white tape over it?


Just to note, you can change the LED config with this:


When shipped from the factory, the LED is set to turn ON when the
connected light is turned OFF. This allows the LED to indicate the
switch location in a dark room. To make the LED turn ON when
the light is turned ON, change parameter 3 value to 1
Parameter No: 3
Length: 1 Byte
Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 0)
   0 = On when Off
   1 = Off when device is on

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