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How do I program this?


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I have a ISY994i Controller  that will communicate to a 2450 IOLinc v 36 relay.  I want to program it to come on at sunset and run for 35 seconds. thin trun off.  


I want to repeat this at 10 pm (on 35 seconds), 2 am (35seconds) and then sunrise (35 Seconds)


I can do the specific times noted, but I don;t know how to control the 35 seconds.


Will someone show me a way to program this wiith the ISY994?


Thanks, in advance

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You will want to make sure that the IOLinc Relay Options are set for "Latching Continuous" rather than any of the momentary modes.

   Time is Sunset
   Or Time is 10pm
   Or Time is 2am
   Or Time is Sunrise

   Set 'IOLinc Relay' On
   Wait 35 seconds
   Set 'IOLinc Relay' Off


That should do it.



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