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2Gig Thermostat is really good!


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I thought I posted a review before but can't find it so thought I would again quick.  I bought this thermostat in October as it's inexpensive around $99 has a large touch screen that lights up, but takes batteries if you don't have a C wire (I don't, was going to install one but thought I'd try this).  Anyway I've never had a single problem controlling it from the ISY or Vera when I had it, it always responds instantly, but the best part is battery status shows 82% right now, and that's after 5 months.  So thought I'd share if anyone was looking for an inexpensive thermostat as this one works great.  Only slight issue (not for me but might be for others) is the unit itself can do C or F, but in the ISY it only will ever show F never C.  Not a huge issue for me, I prefer F anyway even tho I'm in Canada.

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I too purchased one of these units, but haven't got around to installing yet.  I was planning on using it as a stand alone to replace my Insteon wireless Tstat because I didn't like the slow update time.


I want to use this new Tstat in a scene as a controller to an On/Off module.  Will it work in this configuration?  




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I'm impressed with it honestly, because I have it running on battery so it says it doesn't act as a Z-Wave repeater and goes to sleep to save battery.  However I can use my phone or the admin console, change the temperature, and it literally changes on the unit instantly with no delay.  I've never experienced a change not work either.  Very happy with it.

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