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You may need to spread the leads of the piezoelectric buzzer slightly to neatly fit the spacing between the COM and 5V terminals.

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Stusviews: Less expensive to have a few spares. P&H is very expensive on small, relatively inexpensive items. I am going to use two to alert for door openings. I considered flashing overhead lights but this seemed a far better option. I will let you know how it goes.

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i\In your directions:


"A jumper across GND and N/O on an IOLinc and a piezoelectric buzzer (21N30PQ) from Mouser connected to 5V and COM, voila, an Inseton BuzzLinc.

The jumper is a wire connected to both GND and N/O.

I used two long nosed pliers and my fingers to gently widen the space between the piezoelectric buzzer pegs/wires, one peg at a time.

Push one peg slightly outward with your fingers, then the other. Continue until the distance is wider than what you want.

Using one pair of pliers, grip the peg nearest the buzzer leaving as much of the peg exposed as you can. Use the other pair of pliers to bend the free end inward. Do the same with the other peg."


Is the jumper mentioned above the connected pegs?

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