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First program - error messages, won't save.

Dale T

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Following the documentation on the wiki, I created my first program. When I tell the admin interface to save the program I get a Bad Request error followed by Discovering Nodes, Retry! error and the program doesn't save.


The program is:

 On Mon, Tue
 From Subset
 To 3:00:00AM (next day)

 Set 'Patio / Patio Light' On

 Set 'Patio / Patio Light' Off 

Any thoughts as to why I am getting this error?


Thank you




btw, is there any way to copy the code from the admin interface vs. having to re-type it?

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Your program is not the reason for the error.  It is your connection to your ISY.  Try closing your connection to ISY and open a new session.


Thank you apostolakoisl,


I discovered that - eventually :)

For some reason everything else seemed to work ok. I exited the admin interface and logged back in. Then it worked.



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