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Status light on Garage Opener 2450 - always on????


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I have 2 2450's installed and they are working fine.  I installed a third one today and I can't seem to get the status light to turn off when the door open. I have COM and NO hooked up and GND and Sense hooked up.


The door opens and closes on the Fast On/On commands but the status light doesn't change.  The sensor and relay are both setup as Momentary C.  I tried changing these to Momentary B but that didn't work.


What could be wrong?





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Make sure sensor is connected to GND and sense, not relay. What happens to sensor light if you disconnect those two wires? Does this change if you short these two connections with a jumper wire?


I don't believe sensor is affected by momentary mode...only relay.

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The sensor cannot be set up as momentary. Then sensor responds only to what you hanve connected to it (e.g., magnetic contact switch). The status light indicates the status of the relay (lit when closed, unlit when open).


The relay will remain closed if it's in latching mode. Try setting the I/O Linc to latching and then back to momentary. Have you selected "Relay responds to sensor?" Can you control the garage door successfully, both remotely and using the set button?

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Yes, I can control the garage door both remotely and with the set button.  I tried to change the mode from latch to momentary holding the set button down 3x times (let it beep each time) like the manual says button that didn't change it. I think it is in latching mode because when I press the set button once it click once and the light blinks once. On my other 2450 the light blinks 3 times.


Any other suggestions?

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First, never change the I/O Linc options with the Set button.   Always use the Options button on the I/O Linc node display using Admin Console.  Click the Options button and the Query button on the Options popup to see what options are actually set.


When you refer to "status" light are you referring to the Green LED next to the wire connections or the White LED next to the Set button. 

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As was posted earlier the Sensor (Green LED) is not affected by Latching/Momentary modes.   These affect the Relay operation only.  


The Green LED does not turn On or Off as the door moves from close to open position?  


Whether the Green LED is On or Off when the door is closed depends on the type of magnetic switch being used.   If using the magnetic switch that came with the garage kit the Green LED (Sensor) should be On when door is closed and turn Off as the magnet moves away from the magnetic switch as the door opens.


If this is not what happens to the Green LED the magnetic switch is not connected to GND and Sensor or the switch is not mounted correctly or the switch is defective.  As was suggested remove the switch connections to GND/S and short GND to S to see if Green LED turned On.

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The green LED shows only the status of the sensor, not the relay. If you disconnect the sensor, the light will turn off. That will not affect the operation of the I/O Linc. Which sesnor are you using? Does it have two or three wires? Is the green LED lit both when the garage door is opened and alsowhen it's closed?

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The green LED is always on. I tried a couple of things. With the garage door closed (and the green light on) I removed on of the sensor magnets. The light remained on. I placed the magnets on top of each other and the light remained on. I then disconnected the GND and sensor wires from the 2450 and the light turned off.


I had to leave the house to go out of town so I didn't have a chance to flip the wire connections between GND and sensor. Could this be the problem?


The main issue here is that I cannot remotely identity if the door is open or closed since the sensor is always ON.

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There is no wrong connection possible to GND/S and the magnetic sensor.  I would check the wires between the magnetic switch and the I/O Linc.  With the Green LED On all the time with the wires connected there sounds like a short in the wiring.  Could be a defective shorted magnetic switch but that is low on the list of possibilities.  Disconnect the wires from the switch when the magnet is not near the switch.  If The Green LED remains On there is a short in the wires.   If the Green LED goes out when the wires are disconnected from switch and magnet is not near switch the switch has a problem. 

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