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How To: Use Timer events and KPL buttons together.


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In my home I have a hot water recirculating pump that when on give me hot water at any faucet in a second or two. When off, you may need to run the hot water for a few minutes to get it to arrive at the tap. Before home automation I either left it on all the time or used a simple timer but the timer didn't allow for easily turning the pump on during scheduled off times.


Using the Insteon network I now have the hot water recirculating pump on during scheduled windows of time, but also have the ability to turn the pump on and off at will. The programs below show how I use a KPL button to indicate if the pump is on or off, turn it on for 20 minutes or an hour or turn it off at will.


The information is a single page PDF document. A screenshot of it is below. Download by clicking the link below the screenshot.


A similar application would be control of a light that is on a timer. IF THE ISY COULD STORE THE STATUS OF A LIGHT, the program could run and then return the light to the status before the timeout. i.e., you want a dim light in the garage at certain times, but want to go full bright for a timed amount. Click one time to get 100 percent bright and after the timeout the light could return to normal ( off or on or whatever the status was before the adjustment by KPL button.








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