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Help with simple program


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I am new to ISY...Installed it yesterday.


I created a simple program to turn on the garage lights when one of my garage doors open and turn them off 10 mins after that.  Code is below:


        Status  'Garage / Garage Left-Sensor' is Off
     Or Status  'Garage / Garage Right-Sensor' is Off
        Set 'Garage / Gararage Lights' On
        Wait  10 minutes 
        Set 'Garage / Gararage Lights' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
I have 2 garage doors with Insteon Garage Kit (sensors) installed and an no/off light switch.  My sensors are set to be "Off" when the door is open.
When I open one of the garage doors, the lights come on as expected.  But they stay on indefinitely and don't turn off after 10 mins.
Is my syntax incorrect?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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