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Unable to connect using cell connection


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I recently started having trouble connecting to my ISY lighting controller using my GalaxyS4. If I use my wifi connection, I can connect to the controller and operate all of my lighting devices. If I connect via cellular, I get the following error message on the app:


Unable to connect to the lighting controller. Please verify the lighting controller settings.


Here are the versions of the various software/firmware for my setup.


My Lighting

Firmware: v.4.2.18

UI: v.4.1.2

Mobilinc Pro v2.0.6


Thanks in advance.


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To start with, the firmware and UI should be identical. How do you connect when off site? Do you use MobiLinc Connect or something else?

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Hi. Not sure why the firmware and UI are different. I haven't had a chance to upgrade to 4.2.30....I'll see if I can do that this weekend.


I can connect to the lighting controller using my IP address from work. I can control the devices without any issues. I use Mobilinc Pro (Android App) on my smart phone to connect when away from home. That is the part that is recently broken. If I am on my home wifi, I can use the phone to control lights. If I am not on my home wifi (a different wifi, or using the cell network), I get the unable to connect error.

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Hi David,


Yes, you need to update to 4.2.30 to address an Android 5 issue with the ISY.


From our Q and A Page: http://mobilinc.com/support/commonquestions/

"I'm using Android 5.x and MobiLinc is unable to connect via a direct IP over HTTPS (externally) to my ISY."

Google removed many older HTTPS cipher methods from Android 5.x. As a result, the default security configuration of the ISY became unsupported by Android 5. Universal Devices released a firmware update for ISY-994i users here that addresses the issue. Please update your ISY firmware to 4.2.30 or later.
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