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Program Does Not Finish


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Hi Folks,

I am using the Insteon Hidden Door Sensor. The program will turn the light on when the door opens but it does not turn the light out after a minute. What am I missing? Thanks.




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Could it be you are closing the door before the minute is up.


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When you hit the wait, the If will be reevaluated on any condition change. Closing the door within the wait period cancels the Then path and changes to executing Else, and the light won't get turned off.

Either split it to two programs. One with your current Then (and no If) and change this program to 'RunThen' the new program. That way it won't get interrupted on the wait.

Or, add a command to turn off the light in the Else, and it will get turned off as soon as the door is closed.

Or, as above, use Control....

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1. Change Status to Control

2. Do NOT include the sensor as a member of a scene

Changing Status to Control seems to have worked this time.

MWareman, I do have other programs that operate that way. I'll try that if I have anymore problems. Thank you guys.

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