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EZIO4O (4-Relay INSTEON/X10 Controller)


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We have few skylights that we motorized using SolarSmart (http://files.crystaliteinc.com/skylights/INFO_solar-smart.pdf) last year, currently they released ECI Remote, which has inputs for relays. (http://solarsmartopener.com/_files/MANUAL_eci-remote.pdf) . Based on my web research I stumbled on EZIO4O which allows you to set up timers.  I went ahead purchased the unit and I  set up timers using USB PLM. Once competed I tested using their utility and once pressed on you hear a click second later you hear another click so I know the relays are providing contact closure. Then I added EZIO4O to ISY. Now in the ISY when I press on I hear the click but I don’t hear another click which makes me believe that trimmers are not working properly with ISY.  


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.



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Right click on your program and select "copy to clipboard". Then paste it in here and people can help you properly with your application. Others here have experience with this EZIO40 unit and I know they have some quirks that need to be understood.

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