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New Insteon Devices - You want it? You better vote for it then!


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I wanted to let you know Isaac from Smartlabs has created a new post which asks that all Insteon users *Like* any idea they feel is worth developing.


By doing so it will help them determine how many people are serious about said product etc. It goes with out saying if you're one of those people who are serious show your support by selecting the *Like* button on the right hand side of the idea.


The related thread which this request was first published is located here: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/72387-help-us-pick-an-idea-by-liking-it


This will be one of the few times you're ever going to see or read where they engage the public. Don't squander this away and sit on your hands like a schmuck!


Some of my favorites are the following:


- PLM Pro:  http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/8221-plm-pro


- Siren / Voice Announcer: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/46512-need-insteon-activaded-siren


- RF / WiFi Transponder: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/29016-insteon-rf-wifi-transponder


- HL2 Continued Dev: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/27246-house-linc-on-going-development


- Native Beep & Flash: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/16482-native-beep-flash


- Heart Beat: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7558-battery-operated-devices-battery-level-heart-beat-push-polling


- Temp / Humidity: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/20598-remote-temperature-humidity-sensor


- Remote Linc 3: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/20895-remotelinc-3


- Global Products: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/18564-global-products


- 1 Wire Bridge: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/8746-insteon-1-wire-bridge-support


- RL Custom Keys: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/8574-remote-linc-replaceable-keys


Multi Sensor: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7354-multi-sensor


- Energy Monitoring: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7441-global-product-energy-monitoring


- KPL Multi LED: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7552-kpl-multi-led-support


KPL 4 Wide Button Frame:  http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7546-kpl-4-wide-button-frame-support


HVAC Grill: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/7570-hvac-register-vent-grills

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Thanks Teken, nice summary and explanation.


Ideascale might have been easier for them to manage, but the fact that they are approaching it this way is encouraging. I'm going to spend some time there



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Thanks Teken, nice summary and explanation.


Ideascale might have been easier for them to manage, but the fact that they are approaching it this way is encouraging. I'm going to spend some time there




Hello Paul,


As always, much thanks for your continued support in this endeavor. It is very encouraging to see someone from Smartlabs such as Isaac reach out to the general public.


I've written a reply in the original thread asking him for more clarification on how they will select the next device etc.

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Shame they don't have 'Allow third parties the ability to field upgrade the plm chip'.....


Unfortunately, I don't ever see that being an option unless the company is Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, GE, etc.


If they allow UDI to update the Insteon chips that will surely be a win for the little guy and show a willingness to grow the company past a single source distribution center. 

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I wanted to personally thank all the ISY owners who have taken a few moments of their time to supply feed back to the above post. The amount of *Likes* in the past 24 hours has tripled since this posting.


Please do spread the word to those not a member of the ISY community.


Also, please take a few moments to pose your own idea(s) which you feel would make a great Insteon product. As many of those who know me from this board and others. I have no problem throwing Smartlabs under the bus when warranted.


But to be fair to them over the years quite a few great ideas have come out of the *Wish List* along with firmware enhancements. For those who don't know or haven't rewound the time machine here are a few items that have been created, modified, or enhanced.


In no specific order these are some of the great features and products that have come out over the years.


- Dual band: Aprox 75-80% of all Insteon devices are now dual band which supports RF / Power line.


- Dual Outlet:  The 2663-222 is a controller, two independent outlets, stronger RF, sturdier design. This product also introduced firmware features not seen in previous generation of firmware: Ability to turn RF-Power Line on/off, Blink on Error, Message Clean Up, Smart Hops.


- Leak Sensor: The 2852-222 was the first purpose built water detection sensor by Smartlabs. This device was first to support the heart beat feature which informs the user about RF distance and operation.


- Door Sensor: The 2845-222 was the first purpose built hidden door sensor by Smartlabs. This device was first to support the ability to set battery voltage levels, heart beat frequency.


- Smoke Bridge: The 2982-222 was the first purpose built device to integrate with First Alerts One Link smoke / CO alarms systems. They were first to market to integrate Insteon HA with fire protection at an affordable price.


- Synchro Linc: The 2423A5 was the first purpose built device that could monitor the power consumption and then control linked devices based on a users defined setting. This device has allowed thousands of people integrate almost anything based on power conditions and have other devices react to it.


- KPL Switch Lincs: The latest generation of these devices now incorporate dual LED's. Which help the end users determine same leg, opposite leg to insure proper coupling / bridging of the Insteon network via RF.


- Dual Voltage: A few Insteon products are capable to auto adjust and operate from 100 - 277 VAC 50/60 Hz. This allows for many of these devices to be used in a commercial environment or EU Countries.


- Global Products: Smartlabs has started to release a small amount of core products to the International market. Sadly, many of the base items are no where to be seen and there is no time line. The upside is they have at least started the process and hope very much our brothers across the pond will soon see the same Insteon selection as we do in North America.


- Two Wire: The 2474 was the first Insteon product that allowed a person to install HA with out the need of a neutral wire.


- Micro Devices: These three new devices have changed the landscape for Insteon and for those wanting to keep their home looking the same while having the ability to automate their homes. These micro devices are small enough to fit inside a standard JB box and allow a person to use existing switches, outlets, fixtures, etc but be Insteon enabled.


The possibilities are endless with the use of these new micro sized controllers.


- Remote Linc: The 2342-222 are the first purpose built remotes that mimic the size and shape of a standard decora light switch. Meaning you can install one of these remote controllers on to a wall and have control of any load where its required. This device has saved thousands of people from dry walling and wiring projects all over the world.


The above is just a small sample of items brought to the public based on user feed back etc. Some items have just appeared from Smartlabs which target key markets or industries such as the DIN Relays, and Ballast Units. 

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Much thanks again for all those who took the time from their busy schedule to make their voice heard and known. Please add in your ideas to the *Wish List* and perhaps your product may come to market.


Lets help Smartlabs / Insteon continue to be a market leader in the Home Automation space.

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I've created two extra items on the *Wish List* which are updates to the Alert Module and a Insteon enabled door bell.


Door bell: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/81645-insteon-door-bell


Alert Module: http://forum.insteon.com/forum/main-category/new-insteon-device-wish-list/81642-insteon-2867-222-alert-module-future-upgrades


After reading the forums for years its been a consistent request to either have some kind of extended door bell chime that can be placed anywhere. Or to have a Insteon enabled door bell that can linked to other devices / services.


This is your opportunity to make a difference and let your voice be heard in the next generation of devices from Smartlabs. Should you find value in these two ideas please do select the *LIKE* button so the company can see there is a real demand and need for R&D for said product(s).

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