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Remodel - reuse ISY/Insteon switches?


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I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  I have am using 15 switches in the kitchen, mudroom, breakfast room area.


I would say about 10 were used in the old kitchen & I added 5 new ones for various lighting, 3 ways, 4 ways, etc.


So what is the best way to unlink the old scenes & setup new ones?


I have about 120 - 150 insteon devices in my home.   Every time I add a new device to the "goodbye" scene which has everything in my home, it takes a look time, i tend to get some timeouts (wireless devices I have in set mode, or timeout waiting).


Do i just delete my kitchen scenes?  Whats the best way to proceed with the ISY 994?




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You just have to remove the device(s) from the associated scene and add in any new devices that you want. Also, out of best practices always hard reset any new Insteon device you receive. This insures any test links, programming, and ghost scenes are removed and brings the device back to a a OEM default state.

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