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Ibeacon not working


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I have purchased the ibeacon add on and for one beacon I am using a iPhone 4s with locate. I also have locate on the phone that has mobilinc. Locate sees it but mobilinc doesn't. UUID are the same as are major and minor. What am I doing wrong? Mobilic just shows it as unknown.  Also notices that it seems to crash a bit once the ibeacon plugin was installed.  Do have any good documentation on the plugin?



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Hi Mike,


You can find info regarding the Advanced Location plug-in here: http://mobilinc.com/features/advancedlocations/


If you are certain the UUID, major, and minor numbers match your iBeacon, then:

- Turn off the iBeacon or leave the iBeacon region for more than 60 seconds.

- Turn the iBeacon back on or come into the iBeacon region.


MobiLinc 4.6 was submitted to Apple last week to address a couple of bugs that slipped into the 4.5 release. 4.6 may address the quit issue you are reporting, but please update to 4.6 as soon as it's released (I'll be updating the forum once Apple approves the update) and see if that helps what you are seeing.



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