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Schlage Z-Wave lock always says locked


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I've had this lock maybe 9 months now never had an issue.  Been using it with Wink and I noticed that all day it would say door locked when it isn't.  If I manually unlock it and then lock it it shows that it's locked, and if I unlock it from the app it unlocks, but just always says it is locked.  So figured it was Wink being garbage so I connected it back to my ISY but it's the exact same.  Right now it's unlocked but the ISY says Locked.  I press Lock on the ISY and nothing happens says Locked still.  I press Unlock on the ISY, the door grinds a bit like the motor going, ISY shows Unlocked for about 1 second and then goes back to saying Locked.  If I unlock it with the keypad or manually, the ISY shows "Locked with Keypad" or "Locked manually".  ISY also shows battery at 88%.  Query does nothing, Options look normal, but it does the same thing on ISY and Wink so definitely must be the lock.  Anyone seen this before?  So frustrating as it makes me almost not even care to fix it since now I'll never trust it since the system Wink and ISY BOTH show the door is locked when it's sitting wide open right now.  So I could be on vacation, unlock it for a neighbour, lock it and have it show locked when really it's completely open.  I really hate this lock, any suggestions?

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