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Fanlinc Operation from 2 Keypadlinc buttons


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Hello Everyone,


I had my fanlinc working fine with scenes and a 4 button setup on a keypadlinc.  I now would like to only control is using 2 buttons, one for increasing fan speed and one for decreasing fan speed


I have a few questions:


1.  Should the buttons be set to toggle or non-toggle modes.  When i was using scenes, the buttons were set to non-toggle


2.  I imagine i would have to create a state variable "Fan Speed" and write a program to adjust the value of the variable.  Here's what I had but I could not get the value of the variable to change within the ISY by turning on the button on the kpl


If "control" bedside keypad Fan Speed Increase (button name)  is switched on


Then sFanspeed +=1 (sFanspeed is initiated to 0)


After this, it should be relatively straightforward no?  Write a program that tests for the value of "sFanspeed" and set the speed on the fanlinc motor appropriately (ie. 1=low, 2=med, 3=high)


then when the value of sFanspeed >3, set value to 0, fan motor speed to off.


Of course, this would work for one button operation but would need a bit of a change in programming to implement the decreasing side of the programming.


Advice would be greatly appreciated.





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