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Micro Switch (not dimmer) issues?


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I'm down to one problem that I'm having trouble solving.


I've done everthing Steve recommended but still at a loss in how to fix.


This issue has been ongoing, I thought I had solved it when I reset everything from scratch.


I have a total of 4 micro devices, two micro dimmers (used in the bathrooms) and two micro on/off switch (one in bedroom and one in junkroom).


The one in the junkroom had been in one of the bathrooms with that bathroom's motion sensor. I got the micro dimmers for the bathrooms and move the micro switches to the bedroom and junkroom.


Everything had been factory reset multiple times after being moved.


The first of the problems was that about 11pm almost every night, one particular micro switch (on/off not dimmer); the junkroom, turns on for no reason.


I ran all the diagnostic link table reports and found no bad links registered to the junrkoom micro switch that it shouldn't have.


Last night I did find one setting not configured correctly which might have fixed it turning on every night, it was set for 'dual' mode, when it was supposed to be in latching mode.


But now it just makes a beeping noise almost all the time.


But here is something interesting, the one in the bedroom, its led's do not flash, even when I set them to.


I'm beginning to wonder if the ISY is actually able to write the changes in settings to these micro switches properly.


Maybe its having trouble because they are on the other phase of the electric circuit?


Or could the beeping be coming from random noise on the line?


All my x-10controllers have been taken out, I think I have one x-10 light switch still installed, but its in a place that very difficult to get to, but it's not a controller, x-10 doesn't transmit only receives, except for the controllers.


I do have a regular Levition 3-way switch hooked up to these two micro switches sensor wire, and these two switch have a lighted Décor paddle, when off it lights up, when on the paddle is no lit.


Could these paddle lights (I'll assume they are some sort of LED behind the plastic paddle of the switch) be leaking enough juice to confuse the micro switch?


I'll try disconnected the switches to see if it makes a difference.


I also just before writing this post, removed these two micro switches completely for the ISY, I removed the crosslinks between it and the Keypadlinc that they were with first, them removed from ISY.


Then I'm going to factory reset and see if the still beep without being controlled by anything.


What else can I try.






PS Because of Smarthome's sale this Labor Day weekend (25% off everything) I am purchasing 2 plain Insteon Wall Switches 2247S and will remove micro switches altogether, if I can't solve the issue.



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Probably solved!


It looks like from the documentation, that my problem could indeed be the Leviton Decor Switchs and or the way the Micro dimmer was setup in options.


The Key Beep setting I thought was only to turn on the bee when touching the switchs on off maually.


It actually, might also beep on traffic of any kind, even noise.



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