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Do I have to write a program to query for "not responding?"


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I tried making a program to notify me if a device (insteon) goes not responding.  Used a LampLinc as a test, unplugged it waited awhile, no notification.  I tried from the ISY to turn it on or off simulating a timer program turning it on, but it just doesn't do anything and no notification.  Only way I got it was by querying the device, then I did right away.  If I want to be notified of device failures, do I need a program that queries all Insteon devices every hour or whatever period I want type thing?  It won't happen automatically?

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Insteon communications are stateless, meaning there is nothing keeping an eye on devices outside of normal communications (and the 3am all device query). You'll need to write a program to query the device at a threshold you can live with.


I really recommend against query all devices outside of the the 3am checks. Its a lot of traffic load on the insteon network and could have performance and other undesirable side effects. I have found very few cases in almost 10 years of insteon use where this is a problem, and the root cause was needing to address communications problems by adding dual band devices, or filtering certain appliances.


The case I do query is my garage door, I have a program do a query after a keypad key in the house is pressed and enough time goes by that the door should be down. Its more of an operational check that the door didn't strike something on the way down and stop.  I also check my first alert smoke bridge more often.


The point is, I would focus on making sure your insteon network is healthy and address that, and use queries only where there are safety or other specific concerns.

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