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Any other use for the Garage Door kit?


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I bought a Garage door kit a couple years ago and if I'm not mistaken, it's basically an IOLinc with the door sensor?  I really never use it, I bought it but realized there's absolutely no time that I've ever needed garage door control from the ISY, like ever.  Status is okay but I have cameras in there so I prefer that anyway.  Other issue I have though is with the status being reversed.  I forget how it works or whatever but by default it shows On when the door is closed and Off when it is open, meaning if you connect it to a KPL you need to see the status with programs vs scenes as otherwise the KPL LED light is off when the door is closed and on when it is open, making it less useful to me anyway.  Before I sell it, is there anything else I can use it for that others do that isn't too complicated?   Was reading some of the items on the description like alarm and so on but I don't really have a need for that.  Thought maybe door bell like if someone rings the door bell, but not sure if that's what this device is used for or how that works as my doorbell is wired using what looks like normal phone cable and then goes into this box that's mounted on the side of an electrical outlet.  It looks though like there's an actual kit for doorbell status so don't think this can even be used for that without it.  Just thought I'd check and see if there's any other common uses for it that wouldn't require buying more items for.  Thanks!

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The I/O Linc can be used for dozens of applications it really comes down to your use case and ability to wire it up. One of the easiest and powerful uses are the buzz linc offered by Stu.


Essentially its a small micro peizo siren attached the I/O Linc.


I use this simple device to alert me when something happens whether it be the GDO is open / closed in a defined scheduled period. Its used to alert me if the smoke bridge, leak sensor, trigger linc activates and pulses different amount of times to indicate what is the cause.

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