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Basic Q: Getting mini remote buttons to DO anything


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This is a very basic question - I think I'm missing some very beginner-level concepts in my migration from an Insteon hub to Isy.


This is my scenario:  I have a single OutletLinc Dimmer (2472D v.41) and an 8-scene mini-remote (2342-222 v.37).  Everything links to Isy just fine and I can control the lamp from the Isy interface.  I can also feedback in the Isy control panel when I press the buttons on the remote so communication is fine.


But I can't figure out how to tell the buttons on the remote to do anything.  I thought that maybe I would add all eight buttons to a scene with the OutletLinc and it would allow me to start assigning "actions" to the button presses - something real simple:  Button A turn lamp on to 100%, Button B = 75%, Button C = 25%, Button D = Off.  This I was able to do pretty easily with the Insteon Hub.


I have the buttons set up as 8-Scene non-Toggle.  Do I have to write a simple program for each button to do this?  Or is there somewhere in the UI that I'm missing where I tell the button what to do?


Sorry for the very basic question...


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Define an ISY Scene.   Put the mini-remote into manual linking mode, add Controllers and Responder..


Scene XXXX

Controller Button A

Controller Button B

Controller Button C

Controller Button D

Responder OutletLinc


Click on Red Button A, the OutletLinc will show as Responder.  The OutletLinc On Level should already be set to 100%

Click on Red Button B, the OutletLinc will show as Responder.  Set the OutletLinc On Level to 75%

Click on Red Button C, the OutletLinc will show as Responder.  Set the OutletLinc On Level to 25%

Click on Red Button D, the OutletLinc will show as Responder.  Set the OutletLinc On Level to 0%


Take the mini-remote out of linking mode.

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A-ha!  That completely makes sense.  I was confused by the "on level" on each (and the fact that adjusting that was changing the light level as I was doing it).


Follow-up question (of course):


With the old system I was also able to define the "press and hold" of the buttons.  The quick click on the button would set the level but then if you pressed and held the button it would act as a dimmer as well.  While the 0, 25, 75, 100 is good for the quick press, would also like to be able to fine-tune it higher and lower...  thoughts on that anyone?


EDIT:  I think "never mind" on that.  I noticed that when I pressed and held the buttons it actually was dimming and undimming the light.  I guess THAT'S what the numbers in the "current state" on the buttons was kind of signifying.  I wasn't sure why there would be a number in that column for a button...

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