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Keypadlinc Status


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Please Help.  I have Keypadlinc controlling my two garage doors.  It is working for the most part.  However, if the garage door is opened via a remote (not insteon), I am not able to get the status of the keypadlinc to reflect the open/closed state--i.e., the Keypadlinc does not light up correctly.  I confirmed in ISY994 that the Keypadlinc for that button is "ON" but the light does not reflect the status.  In fact, I cannot get it to reflect the status of a water sensor linked.  When the water sensor tripped, it showed in ISY994 that Keypadlinc button is ON, but the the light does not illuminate.


Does this have something to do with the fact that I have the buttons on toggle?


Thank you for any pointers on this...

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No, the KPL button toggle mode has no control over the I/O Linc Sensor operating a KPL LED.


Can you post the ISY Scene, the I/O Linc Sensor as Controller, and the KPL button.


Unless the Scene is not correct it sounds like a comm problem.


What does Help | About show for Firmware and UI levels?

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