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iMeter Solo to ISY - can this be done yet?


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I'm not sure, I was hoping to find some information on how to program and what the limits are , but I think ISY is keeping that a secret.


LOL . . .


I apologize let me clarify what you can do and see with in the ISY Series Controller.


1 - When creating a program in the (IF) section you select the *Status* which will have the option to select different power values from -1 to -150 watts, 1 to 20000 watts. The variables you may select are from: is, is not, >, <, >=, <=.


2 - When creating a program in the (THEN) section you have the option to select *Insteon* and the only options that pertain to the unit is: Reset power, Query, and various beep duration's.   


 3 - There is no current method to act upon the KWH total you see in the main page for the iMeter Solo. But, Michel has indicated this is something in the works.


- Essentially, you can apply 1 & 2 and create programs that the Insteon network would react to. Whether that be (IF) something has exceeded the power levels you set. To monitor what the power value is at that current time. 


Some have used it to determine if the washer cycle has completed and then send an alert. While others have used the device to detect if the fridge has gone into defrost mode. While others have used to see if the doors to the fridge / freezer is left ajar.


I hope the above provides a little more clarity and if not please do ask and I shall try to expand on the information.

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