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Geofence Misbehaving?


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I use MobiLinc's geofencing on several iPhones to update an ISY 994 variable showing the family members home/away statuses.  This has worked flawlessly for several years.


Recently (IOS 9  update possibly), the location updates to ISY have become extremely unreliable.  After turning "Notify On Boundary" in Mobilinc on to troubleshoot, I have found that the boundary is triggering quite erratically.  Sometimes it will trigger several times almost simultaneously with "Entering" then "Exiting" then "Entering" again.  At other times, it will trigger for no apparent reason or may not trigger at all when it should.  I have tried reinstalling MobiLinc and creating a new ISY variable as well as expanding the boundary to 500m which has not fixed the problem.


Has anyone else had any trouble since updating to IOS 9?

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Thanks for the reply.


I have read through the troubleshooting suggestions and am familiar with the requirements for geofencing... WiFi is being left turned on and MobiLinc is running in the background.  This is occurring on 2 separate iPhones, both of which were updated to IOS 9.0.2, unfortunately, at the same time.  If I had upgraded only one, then it might have been easier to nail down where the problem lies.


Thanks again, Input and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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