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Controlling motorized blinds


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I have external venetian blinds, Omega Shades by Draper, which I would like to automate. I've tried the Insteon Open Close controller, but that didn't allow me to have intermediate stops. After reading several forum postings, I purchased Insteon Micro On/Off controller with the hopes that I could make this work.


My blinds have two load lines, and are operated manually using a dual momentary switch. They operate on 110V, with amperage range: 1.21 to 1.80.


The Open/Close controller has two lines, but the On/Off controller only has one line, although it has two possible connectors to the line. 


Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can make this work? Do I need a second Open/Close controller?



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Remove the switch (turn off power). How many wire are connected to the switch and what are their colors? Is there also two white wires not connected to the switch?

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The rocker switch requires that you hold it to move the window covering. Does the window covering have limit switches? That is, does it stop moving and is the motor silent even if you continue holding the switch after the window covering is all the way down or up?


Do you want to continue using the rocker switch as well as having Insteon control?

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Yes, the rocker switch is momentary, and you have to hold it down until the blind has reached the top or bottom. It does have limit switches. If it reaches the top, say, and I am holding the switch down, the motor is silent.


We would be willing to give up the switch if we can get the insteon controller to work properly. Particularly if we can use our phones to change the state of the blind.


Thanks so much for all your help.

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You'll need to nstall two Micro On/Off Modules. You can install them in the existing switch box. If two Micro Module will fit behind the rocker switch, then you can use both Insteon and the rocker.


The Micro Modules require line and neutral which you already have. The two white wires not connected to the rocker is the neutral. Connect one Micro Module load wire to red (up) and the other to black (down). To use the existing rocker (if everything fits), connect the corresponding Micro Module yellow (Sense 1) wire to the rocker up and down terminals.


To remotely move the window covering to an intermediate position, time the period from full up to full down and vice-versa (to be sure). The write a program with a wait interval that corresponds to the intermediate position. Since you may not know the position remotely, bring the window covering to fully down (or up) before invoking the wait.

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Thanks so much. I have ordered a second on off module, and it will arrive on Monday. Is there any documentation that you can point me to on writing a program? I haven't stumbled across any yet. I was a software engineer in a previous life, so I with a little bit of direction, I should be able to get my arms around this problem.




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Here's a program I use to move the front deck verticals to approximately 1/3 open:

        Control 'LR / Devices / LRM1.A Close-Open / LRM1.B PreL-PreR' is switched Off <--- I use button B-Off on a Mini Remote to trigger the event.
        Resource 'LR Deck Open'          <---  This statement opens the verticals.
        Wait  38 seconds           <---  The verticals take a little more than 36 seconds to fully open from a closed position. This statement ensures that they're fully opened no matter their previous position.
        Resource 'LR Deck Close'          <---  This statement closes the verticals.
        Wait  24 seconds          <---  It takes 24 seconds to move from fully opened to 2/3 closed (1/3 open).
        Resource 'LR Deck Stop'          <---  This statement stops the movement after the time allotted.
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



I use network resources to control our window coverings. You would send a command to the corresponding Micro On/Of Module. Here's an example:


        Control 'your trigger device' is switched On or Off (your choice)
        Set 'Micro Module Up' On
        Wait  the time it takes to go from fully down to fully up plus a second or two seconds
        Set 'Micro Module Up' Off

        Set 'Micro Module Down' On
        Wait the time it takes to go from fully up to your preset position seconds
        Set 'Micro Module Down' Off

   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Post back if you need more help with writing programs. section 3.3 in the ISY User Guide has some program writing samples.

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Everything is working!! Thanks so much for your help. I have a few additional questions:


1. When we initially installed the Micro On/Off switches, when we flipped the breaker back to ON, both controllers seemed to wake up in an ON state. This caused the motor to get up and down signals simultaneously, and it made a nasty screeching noise. I quickly turned the breaker off. When I turned the breaker on again, my husband quickly hit the OFF switch on both of the controllers, and that fixed the problem. Subsequently, I have turned the breaker on and off, and the problem has not reoccurred. Have you ever seen this problem?


2. I have the Micro On/Off switches set to Latching. Is this correct? Things seem to be working, but I wanted to check to make sure that I configured the switches properly.


3. I see from your post above that you use the Insteon Mini Remote. That looks like a good device. Have you ever experimented with any of the iPhone control programs? I see that iRule is mentioned on the forum. Are there any other apps that you are familiar with? 


Thanks again.

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1. Many Insteon devices turn on when power is applied for the first time. I usually bench test and factory reset new devices before installing them.


2. Latching mode is meant for standard toggle switches that remain in an on or off position after flipping them. The correct mode for your use is momentary (although latching will work).


3. I use an ISY. MobiLinc is the preferred app for the ISY.

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