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Having light on for time period; after this, use motion sensor


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I searced for the answer to this question, but I couldn't find my exact situation.  If I missed a post that answers my questions, please let me know.


I have two lights near my garage.  I have two motion sensors linked to the light switch for those lights.  I can't remember how I originally programmed the sensors; perhaps to not be programmed and to send on and off commands to the switch.


Anyway, I want the garage door lights to be on during a certain time period each day.  If there is motion during those times, the system is to ignore the motion.  Outside that time period, I want motion to turn on the lights for some on-time (say, 5 or 10 minutes).


What happens now is that motion during the time the lights are programmed to be on causes the lights to go off. 


Is this what I have to do?


1) Check programming of sensors and set to remote software management (jumper 5).  Can I also use Jumper 2 (disable LED) and Jumper 3 (night only mode)?  If I'm going to program the sensors, do they need to be brought inside, closer to my ISY? 


2) Is the easiest way to do the programming to do two programs?


Program 1:  If it's between X time and Y time per night, turn on the garage door lights, else turn off the garage door lights


Program 2:  If it's between X time and Y times per night, and the status of the driveway motion sensor is on, wait, else turn on the garage door lights for Z time


(I can't see that there's a time period allowed for an "else" statement, unless I'm missing something.  So, I'm not sure how to do "else turn on the garage door lights for Z time") 


Thank you for any help. 

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First thing is to remove the motion sensor from any scene you might have it in with the garage lights.  If they're linked in a scene you'll have no control.

Next factory reset the motion sensor to remove any links..


set jumper 5.


use programs to control lights with sensor


post your programs.




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