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Total Beginner ..First Steps , Help and Requirements


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Hi there , Im about to delve into the world of home automation and have purchased a ISY994i/IR Pro along with a 2413S, ,
I also have 2 FilterLinc Coming soon and also 2 ApplianceLincs also ( still awaiting their arrival)
 as this is something I have never before done Im wondering if some person could lend a helping hand , 

I must admit im totally stumped :/  , I have pulled down the Manuals both quick start and the full comprehensive from UD
and truthfully im still a little puzzled 



I have the ISSY994i/IR pro  system that does not have the RS232 slot and only have Port A , the Ethernet Is set to the Local 192.x.x.x 
IP and I have succeed in connecting to the Admin , reset the user/pass ... but now its time to setup the PLM 

The PLM Device 2413S Ver 2.2   , contained a DB9 to RJ45 , 

I also currently do not have a rs232 port with my pc , is this something 100% a requirement if so at first that's not very clear ... 

though it does  also says the PLM can be connected to the UD ISY Device , including powering the ISY , if so how does that Connect and work ..

the  question is how and what is the best way of setting this up . ,  so I can test the PLM before anything else ...

and finally  what if any other Equipment do I need what #ProductID,additional pc Cards / accessories , 




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Hi Martin, welcome to the forums!


The ISY uses an RJ45 style connector for both LAN and Serial, the PLM does too. A standard RJ45 LAN cable will work. The Port A is where the PLM is plugged in, the other port is for the network. No DB9 is used with the ISY.


What I would suggest is look at this link which is the wiki. Right at the top is the quickstart guide, that will walk you through initial set up, step by step. Then, a few links down is the complete & comprehensive guide for all the details.


We're here on the forum for more detailed questions. What are you planning to filter with the filterlincs?


Your power has 2 legs, that need to be bridged so the signal is available on both. Probably one of your appliance lincs will be on the opposite leg, but it will be best to first plug both appliancelincs in their intended home, and run the test page 10 of the appliancelinc manual




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Well i followed what was here  http://www.universal-devices.com/docs/production/Quick%20Setup%20Guide%20994i.Rev%207.pdf

upon following your advice with the small ethernet cable attached to PLM from Port A 

This is what the Log says ...,  , how do I know if it worked or not ? 


Sat 03/26/2016 06:27:24 PM : Start Insteon Device Linking Mode
Sat 03/26/2016 06:27:24 PM : [LNK-BGN     ] 02 64 01 00 06 
Sat 03/26/2016 06:27:46 PM : [sET-BTN     ] 02 54 03 
Sat 03/26/2016 06:27:51 PM : [sET-BTN     ] 02 54 04 
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : Stop Insteon Device Linking Mode, Final processing to follow
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : ---- Start: Generate Scenes from links ----
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : [LNK-END     ] 02 65 06 : : Unexpected, ignored (65)
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : ---- End: Generate Scenes from links ----
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : [All         ] Writing 0 bytes to devices
Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : [All         ] Writing 0 bytes to devices
Tnx again 
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It appears ISY isn't able to communicate with device 02 54 04 and being a new install I suspect your electrical legs aren't properly bridged (see Paul's post #2.)


A better means of determining issues is to open Event Viewer to Level 3, attempt link then copy to clipboard (clipboard icon) and paste into message post.


You'll be looking at Max Hops=3, Hops Left=(x) where 3 or 2=good and less indicates poor communication.


The most reliable method of linking devices is to connect to extension cord and plug into same outlet as PLM, factory reset then link.  This ensures good linking and proper operation of device.




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If the ISY was powered up and then the PLM connected to the ISY, power down ISY and PLM.   Power up PLM, wait 30 seconds and power up ISY.   Bring up Admin Console.   Click Help | About and verify that Firmware and UI (Admin Console) are at the same level.


What does Firmware and UI show for level of each.


Since it sounded like you have no Insteon devices as yet, what are you trying to accomplish with no devices?


The PLM is connected to the ISY.

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The 02 54 03 is PLM Set button pressed and held


The 02 54 04 is PLM  Set button released.


Thanks LeeG...


I was looking at Sat 03/26/2016 06:28:08 PM : [LNK-END     ] 02 65 06 : : Unexpected, ignored (65)?




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That is a message from the ISY to the PLM to terminate linking mode.


When Link Management | Start Linking is clicked the PLM is put into linking mode (PLM LED is blinking).  This is done so the device Set button press is sent to PLM/ISY.  Regardless of whether a device Set button is pressed, when the Finish button is pressed the ISY takes the PLM out of linking mode (02 65 06).    

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After checking the Admin and Entering Diagnostics >> PLM Info , It returns connected , so I thinks its a go , So thanks for the Info I will probably need a helping hand with the other stuff that arrives next week . 
Im more of a php programmer and web designer so developing a front and backend to the system adding from the existing Library located at GITHUB

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