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help with simple program, please


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I've got 3 lights that do not go on reliably. I am currently working on figuring out how to get them to be more reliable. I believe that the signals aren't getting out to the third fuse panel in my garage reliably.


I have found that if I hit "on" for the unreliable lights enough times, they go on. One of the problems is that when the ISY turns on the light, the status goes to "on" whether it is on or not. I have to query (or walk over to the window to look out to the yard) to see if the light is on.


I decided to make a couple of programs that would query the lights and then turn them on if they weren't on. In theory, this could repeat iself until they went on. The problem is, they keep repeating over and over, even after the lights go on.


here are the programs:


this one is called "get those lights ON":


- No Conditions - (To add one, press 'Schedule' or 'Condition')



Set 'Outside-9a-Malibu, Garage' Query

Set 'Outside-9c-Behind shop' Query

Set 'Outside-1-Garage Right' Query

Wait 30 seconds

Run Program 'get those lights ON 2' (Then Path)



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



This one is called "Get those lights ON 2":



Status 'Outside-9a-Malibu, Garage' is Off

Or Status 'Outside-9c-Behind shop' is Off

Or Status 'Outside-1-Garage Right' is Off



Set 'Outside-9a-Malibu, Garage' On

Set 'Outside-9c-Behind shop' On

Set 'Outside-1-Garage Right' On

Wait 5 seconds

Run Program 'get those lights ON' (Then Path)



Disable Program 'get those lights ON'



Please note that both of these programs have the "enabled" box unchecked and the first program is "run then" when I try to turn on the lights.


Any ideas as to how to get this to work. I know this is like child's play for most of you guys.

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You didnt post the program that you are using to call the first program, so it is hard to say why they keep repeating. However, in the first program you are calling the Then statements of the second program and therefore bypassing the If portion all together.


Edit: Jimmy beat me to the punch...sorry for the duplicate answer.

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Run Program 'get those lights ON 2' (Then Path)


There is your problem.

You should be running the IF, not the THEN.

By running THEN, you are skipping the condition check (if off), and going righ to your commands (turn on).


Jim H.


wow, thanks Jim H. for the quick reply.


so, I should leave the first program as "run then" because there are no conditions, but change the second program to "run (if)"?

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