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IFTTT not talking to Portal? Portal not talking to ISY?

Old Surfer Dude

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Yes, I'm new to this; patience please.


Here's my goal.  Send a text of something like "bulb on" to a certain phone number.  The text will be forwarded to my email.  I know the subject line and in the body will find "bulb on".  This works every time.


On Portal I set up under [iSY] tab, on my isy under [Tools] column, drop down [select tool ...] -> Connectivity -> IFTTT post-7709-0-29317500-1459819734_thumb.jpg (note I get two error messages post-7709-0-48045900-1459819731_thumb.jpg and post-7709-0-22497100-1459819732_thumb.jpg) and you'll see that I have created two events post-7709-0-36577000-1459819735_thumb.jpg



Next I use IFTTT to IF read the new emails, search for "bulb on" subject:"SMS from (aaa) xxx-nnnn" THEN send a notification to the portal (I really appreciated the icon next to the events that gives me the url   :) post-7709-0-03570200-1459819733_thumb.jpg


Here's the problem, most of the time, nothing happens, but sometimes, the bulb goes on (or off) but twenty minutes later!  Also, nothing happens when I click on "check recipe" in IFTTT.


Is there a way in Portal to see if the command is being sent to my ISY?  I'm not even sure if the IFTTT is getting the trigger.


Thanks for your help.



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Not in the Portal but you can install the IF app on your phone you can see and receive notifications of IFTTT recipes run.


It's actually common for IFTTT to take quite a while to execute action and 20 minutes isn't unheard of.  A more expedient method of notification is either ISY email/sms notifications or network resources to pushbullet.


Regarding your Echo errors.. Are you trying to set one up?






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As Jon pointed out,  IFTTT channels, including gmail, have a published 15 minute  polling time. I typically don't see that long of a delay checking gmail by labels, usually its a couple of seconds to a few minutes. I get consistent 5 second response from gmail to pushover on the same account and messages, I know its not gmail or the service sending the email.


I get the first echo message too, as I don't have an echo, but I did link my ISY to my amazon account. I ignore the message. I don't get the state variable message. If you are unable to do that,  I would open a tick with UDI and see if they can assist setup.


There are newer channel types called 'quick triggers', and that includes the email channel. I'm experimenting with it as a replacement for gmail, but it doesn't not appear to be as rich as gmail and has some limitations. Still looking for that.



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