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KPL buttons B-H "Status Only"


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Hi Wes and others -


I use a number of KPL buttons to control other scenes and programs.  While troubleshooting why a KPL button would control a program at the KPL, but not via MobiLinc, I found that KPL buttons B-H in MobiLinc are 'Status Only' while only the 'A' button is listed as 'Control'.



For instance, in Program 'Away Waterfall':


             Control 'LR Right KPL - F - Away' is switched On
          Or Control 'K Patio - F - Away' is switched On
          Or Control 'K Entry - F - Away' is switched On
          Or Control 'Garage SE KPL - F - Away' is switched On
          Or Control 'Garage W KPL - F - Away' is switched On
          Or Control 'MBR KPL - F - Away' is switched On
        Wait  20 seconds
        Set Scene 'Sc Waterfall' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Works when I push one of the KPL buttons - won't work in MobiLinc.


Obviously, the KPL buttons above are button 'F'.  I also have the above KPL buttons tied together in a scene.


Is there a way to change the KPL buttons in MobiLinc from 'Status Only' to 'Control'?


Is there another way to write the program that MobiLinc will understand? I can't use 'Status' in this program. The action of switching on the button triggers the result.


I hope this makes sense ..




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Hi Al,


You are hitting a limitation in INSTEON. The KPL sub buttons can't turn themselves on as you see in MobiLinc and the Admin Console. The workaround is to create a scene with the KPL button where the KPL button is a scene controller. Then, in MobiLinc, when you tap the KPL sub button, MobiLinc sees that the KPL button is actually a scene controller and will turn the scene on instead. The net effect is with the scene turned on, the KPL also turns on as well. It looks like you are turning on the KPL, when in fact you are actually turning on a scene with the KPL in it.


With this method you'll need to change your program logic to just look for the ON status of the KPL instead of the switched On status. Switched On means someone physically touched the KPL to turn it On. On status includes someone physically turning on the KPL or MobiLinc telling the scene to turn ON which in turn changes the KPL status to ON.



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