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PLM Failure: New PLM: Apparent Corruption


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Been using my 994i Pro for a while. Last weekend it all stopped working. After investigating, I got messages that the ISY couldn't talk to the PLM. Tried restoring the PLM to no avail. Update my ISY firmware to 4.5.1 (probably a mistake at the time).


OK, so I got my new PLM. Followed the instructions (unplug both, connect new PLM, plug in PLM first, then ISY, go to admin console & click the battery icon, choose Restore Modem (PLM). Not good, except the ISY does see the PLM now.


But, still nothing works. I think my backup is corrupt. Didn't realize I needed a new Dashboard. 


On some operations I'm getting the following errors:

[-110012] Could not open config file to read [/CONF/INSTENG.OPT]

[-110012) Could not open file [/CONF/INSTENG.OPT]


I tried re-reinstalling the firmware, still no luck.


Where do I start the debugging?




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My humble suggestion is you need to get the ISY Series Controller functioning first. One suggestion is to use the firmware that will not go into *Safe Mode* if the PLM is not detected or becomes unreachable.


Once the new firmware is loaded you can worry about restoring the 2413S PLM.

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Battery powered devices don't always update their status. What's the result if you query the thermostat--after placing in into linking mode?

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