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PLM dead?


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I have the ISY994i and realized that lights that the ISY programs have not been running this last week.  I logged in to the ISY and it said it was in safe mode.  Tried to reboot the PLM, as it appeared there was no indicator light on.  I unplugged it for 10 sec and plugged back in.  Having done this before, I know I should here a beep and should hold button till it stops after plugging in, but this time there was absolutely no sound and no light.  Should I assume the PLM is bad or is there something else I should try first?  Thanks!

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Nope, not much else to try.  I suppose you COULD check that the outlet has power -- but I suspect you've already checked that.  Time to pony up, and pay SmartHome another $100 for the next two years of PLM service!


But before you do that, you should check the date code on your PLM, or dig up your records on the unit -- perhaps it's still under warantee.    Some users get lucky, and have theirs fail soon enough that SmartHome will replace it; most of us, though, end up replacing the units every two years like clockwork.  If you're good with a soldering iron, there's a thread here that describes how to replace the capacitors on the circuit board, which usually fixes 'em (I'm one for two on that so far).

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The 2413S PLM has a bad reputation of failing shortly after two years of use.

The LED out is one indication the power supply has failed. Another common indication is it lost the contents in its Link Database.

If you power it off and wait for awhile and it again temporarily works when powered up. Another indication it has failed.


You may want to look at this very long thread on this failure and repairs if you are handy electronically.



The latest hardware versions are supposed to have the power supply problems addressed. Only a long term use will actually determine if it was corrected.

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The new PLM arrived today and have been searching on here to find some step by step instructions on how to swap out the old PLM for the new one.  I am not having luck finding anything.  Can someone provide directions?

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