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Pool Integration


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Wife and I recently purchased a new (to us) home with a pool, and I'm looking for advice on the best direction to go with integration with Insteon and my ISY.


The control system is a Hayward/Goldline Prologic, version 2.86.


So far in my research, I have come across:

  • Hayward AQ-CO-SERIAL Aqua Connect Home Automation Serial Interface
  • Hayward AQ-CO-HOMENET Aqua Connect Wireless Home Network Device (but it doesn't look my software version support this)
  • Autelis PC100HG Pool Control for Hayward/Goldline

Maybe there is another product that I haven't found that is the way to go?


I'm just looking for some advice from someone who has been down this road.  Which path is the right path? :)




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Cant speak for Hayward, but I have been down this path with Pentair and the PC100HG seems to be the same setup as the Pentair model

the Autelis works fine with the ISY, I set on the back patio and say "Alexis, turn on the waterfall, or pool pump, or pool light, or Malibu lights etc.

Wiki for installation

There is a wiki with installation instructions for the ISY

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