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Replace Device malfunction


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In past couple of months, I have twice needed to replace a failed KPL (6 or 8 button). Each time the ISY's Replace Device procedure did not work correctly on the first try. Here is what I did:


1. Installed the new KPL.

2. Put Admin Console into linking mode to discover the new device -- success.

3. Invoked Replace Device function to replace the old device with the new one.

4. Admin Console was busy for several minutes, writing to devices. (This KPL has links to many, many devices.)

5. Admin Console exited on its own (as the instructions say it will).

6. I restarted Admin Console and observed that all of the buttons for the old device had been changed to refer to the new device.


So far, so good. But then:


7. Admin Console spontaneously resumed being busy for several more minutes, writing to devices.

8. When things finally went quiet, I tested the new KPL. Nothing worked -- not even the on-off for the KPL's own load.

9. To recover from this, I invoked Restore Device on the new KPL.

10. Now the KPL functioned correctly.


So, I am back in business now. Clearly, all of the links for the new device had been correctly recorded in the ISY and in other devices, but they were not successfully written into the newly installed device. This was corrected by manually invoking Restore Device.


Is the Replace Device procedure supposed to complete before the Admin Console exits, or is there supposed to be more work to do after Admin Console restarts? The instructions on the UDI wiki make no mention of the latter behavior, so perhaps it is a sign of trouble. Not sure what I might have done to cause this, though.


Also, just out of curiosity, why does the Admin Console need to exit as part of the Replace Device procedure?


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The ISY needs to restart to complete writing the links. If there was a lot of traffic during the restoration (i.e., busy), then you need to rewrite the links (Restore Device). Not common, but ..it happens.

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