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Help programming a switch


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I am a newbie here and could use some help programming an insteon dimmer switch with my ISY944i to control 2 separate lights in the following way:


1) turning on switch with 1 tap turns on my kitchen

2)double tapping switch turns on my dining room, and does not change the state of the kitchen at all

3)same for turning off. 1 tap off turns off kitchen, 2 taps off turns off dining room only and doesn't impact kitchen.


This would help a lot because the switch for my dining room is all the way on other side of the house. Can anyone help guide me on what I need to do here to make this work? Thanks!

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Can't be done with only a SwitchLinc. Double tapping on will always turn load to full on (fast) and double tapping off will turn the load off (fast). You can accomplish what you want by not connecting any load to the SwitchLinc, adding a Micro Module to the fixture and controlling the Micro Module using a program. That will also introduce a small delay.

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You could do something with isolating the On portion of your idea but not the Off.


Wire the Kitchen to the SwitchLin

Set the SwitchLinc level at 0-1% brightness.

When you single tap the kitchen light would turn to 1%, and a program detecting it woul turn on the Dining Room Switchlinc


When you double tap the Kitchen light would go on full, and no program would affect the Dining Room light.



Can't figure a way to do that one nicely. One tap would turn off Kitchen and two taps would turn off both using a program for the Dining Room light control.

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