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Alexa makes date errors, lies about times, for events


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Not ISY related!

My wife tried this four times and I tried several additional times, also.

Alexa confirms the date interim as Nov. 11th, when it asks time, or other clarification, but when you say 11:00 AM it confirms with November 4th, every time.

Wife called me over and demonstrated this several times more, and then I tried it myself. Sometimes it confirms the date November 11th, when it asks for more information and yet everytime it finalises with

..."OK , you have an event on Friday November 4th, at 11:00 in the morning called Test Appointment. Right?"

Try it and you can always say "No' upon the final confirmation.

We have had suspected wrong appointments from Alexa, before, but never one we could repeatedly observe making a mistake.

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I'm not sure if this is related to your issue, but I've been having alarm problems. In speaking with Echo Support (remarkably prompt callback), they tell me that they have problems with times and dates with daylight savings time change approaching. Specifically, when I set alarms,, the verbal confirmation reflects my request, but when subsequently requesting status of alarms, the time of the alarm reported is an hour earlier. Although it makes no sense to me that there are problems this far out from DLST change, I was assured that this was a perennial problem they have yet to resolve, but that the alarm would actually occur at the originally requested time. Go figure.

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We have been finding the event handler making mistakes more frequently.


You set an event for a certain date, then Alexa confirms the date and asks for time and description.

The last thing Alexa does is repeat it all back to you, for final confirmation, but with a date one week earlier than confirmed previously.



This is very annoying and sometimes it take five or six tries to make Alexa confirm the correct date, without subtracting a week in time.

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We have further discovered that Alexa constantly makes mistakes on event times.


I had an appointment yesterday at 10:45 AM and despite Alexa confirming the correct time each attempt, she logged the appointment in my google calendar at


2:00 PM

1:45 PM

1:00 PM


on three separate attempts, one three weeks before, one the previous week, and once the previous day.


This is making the event keeping by Alexa, untrustworthy, and therefore, useless. The times are lied about, and the dates are changed from the initial confirmation, to the final confirmation, during the same creation session.


The dates seem to be a problem attempting events outside of the next week, further into the future. Alexa substitutes the same day of the week in the closer week.


This has become  regular occurrence now and all event bookings have to be checked with another method. When discovered to be incorrectly booked, a second and third attempt sometimes results in the same error.

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